Permanent Resident Green Card + Rights and Responsibilities

Yay! Finally! A week after our AOS Interview, we already received our much awaited 2 years conditional Permanent Resident cards or known as Green Card! This is a proof that our I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust of Status has been APPROVED!

    • AOS Interview Date: May 12, 2015
    • Green Card Arrived: May 20, 2015

» After AOS Interview, here’s what we receive and you should also be receiving:
    • I-797 Notice of Action – Application for Permanent Residence has been approved.
    • Form I-551 Permanent Resident Card or best known as “Green Card”. This is the proof of your legal status in the US.
    • m-617 Welcome to United States pamphlet.


Green Card package for me and my kiddo! I-551 Green Card and m-617 Pamphlet Guide for New Immigrants

Now that we are successfully granted a Permanent Resident Cards after I-485 AOS Application through K1 Fiance Visa, our status is now a Lawful Permanent Resident (2 yr Conditional Permanent Resident Green Card Holder).

Conditional Permanent residence is only valid for 2 years and in order to remain a permanent resident, we must file a petition FORM I-751 to remove the condition  during the 90 days before the card expires. The conditional card cannot be renewed. The conditions must be removed or you will lose your permanent resident status.

A Guide pamphlet that comes with the I-551 green card is just a sneak peak of the Complete Guide for new Immigrants which compose of 100 + pages about information on how to settle permanently in the United States.

◊ The complete guide can be found at in different languages.
◊ Additional federal resources to help at such as finding a job, find a place to live, getting a driver’s license, learn English etc.

» Some of the Rights and Responsibilities:

  • Rights:
    • Live and work permanently anywhere in the US
    • Chance to become a US Citizen in the near future.
    • Right to be protected by US Law.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Obey all federal, state and local laws.
    • File Federal, State and Local income taxes
    • If you are male 18 to 26 yrs old – Register with Selective Service

It is worth reading the Complete Guide to get settled in United States so we could be aware on our rights and benefits as a permanent residence like finding a job, how to file taxes, taking care of your money, taking care of your health, travelling the United States, etc .

Complete Welcome to the United States Guide in ENGLISH
Complete Welcome to the United States Guide in TAGALOG


Sigh.. A time off from USCIS paper works in the next two years! 🙂 Now it’s time for moment of truth in living in the United States!

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