How to Apply Driver’s License in California for the First Time

How to Apply Driver’s License in California for the First Time:

I have a Philippine Driver’s License and was driving since 2006, however the DMV State of California does not recognize my license and any International Driving Permit (IDP) as a valid driver license, they recognize a valid driver license that is issued by the foreign jurisdiction of which the license holder is a resident – say for example if you are coming from Philippines, you should check with the US Embassy if they can issue an International Driver’s Permit so you can drive immediately after you arrive in US, but in my case I was not able to inquire that before I left Philippines so I was not able to drive in California right away.

It took me a while before I finally realize I have to apply my own Driver’s License. What’s holding me back is I don’t know where to start. Here’s how I am applying for my CA Driver’s License

California DMV Learner's Permit1st – Application for a Learner’s Permit in CA:

Every first time DL Applicant in California must apply first for Learner’s Permit. First thing to do is make an appointment. Continue Reading →



2nd – Behind the Wheel Test or Driving Test (1st Take):DMV Driving Test in California

The weather is so bad when I first take my Driving Test. Although everything went fine except for one mark on Critical Driving Error which should be no marks on that section. Continue Reading →






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