Glue and Salt Craft

#SummerActivity #HomeschoolFun

Salt and Glue Craft – Ocean Theme
This activity kept my daughter busy for hours. Good for fine motor, following instructions, learning colors and more!

You need:
– Colored Cardstock (I prefer black)
– Glue
– Salt
– Water color
– small glass or jar
– paint brush or dropper

1. Form the picture using a glue, you can draw using a pencil first.
2. Spread the salt onto the glue and remove excess.
3. Mix water color to small jars of water.
4. Dab the water color mixture using paint brush to the salt art and see the color spread. Kids will definitely love this!
5. Use different color per jar/brush to add more fun and excitement.

Happy Baby, Happy Mommy 🙂


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