My son’s US Passport Application Part 3 of 3

After the DS-3053 parental consent document being sent from Thailand to United States of course is the waiting game whether it will going to reached the State Department Office on or before the 90 days grace period given to us or not.

I’m as nervous as heck because the tracking status was in “Origin Post pre-shipment” status in Thailand for 2 weeks!

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After 3 weeks of monitoring the shipment, finally it posted as “Item already at New York City and is in transit to the destination”

And the next day it continues to progress until it came to a point that the status is always “Your package is moving within the USPS network….

It seems like the State Department Facility location is in secret mode and doesn’t want to be known, even in google maps – I could not find their address.

Anyways, even the parcel tracking status is still in transit, I assume they already received it – because Raymond’s blue passport already came in the mail and my boy is so happy!!

Finally a Happy Ending! ❤

US Passport Application Timeline
June 19, 2019 ~ Naturalization Oath Taking
Aug. 02, 2019 ~ US Passport Application together with my son.
Aug. 19, 2019 ~ Received 2 different response from State Department
~ Received my US Passport and
~ Need more info letter for my son’s passport (action needed within 90 days)
Aug. 27 – Oct. 15 ~ Long e-mail exchange with the bio father convincing him to send a parental consent document.
Oct. 11, 2019 ~ Sought Legal Advice from Family Law Facilitator
Oct. 19, 2019 ~ Notarized DS-3053 Document finally shipped from Thailand
Nov. 20, 2019 ~ Received Raymond’s US Passport


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