Immigration Process thru K1/K2 Fiance Visa

How to Adjust Status in the US from K1/K2 Visa?

After we got married within 90 days through a K1 Fiancé Visa in the United States, there are still some paper works to be done in order to acquire green card and to be able to work. At this point, preparation and filing should be easy because most of the supporting documents we will be using here are mostly the same supporting documents we used during the application of our k1/k2 Visa.  Here are some useful articles that will guide you to apply for AOS and EAD/AP Combo Card and later on for Removal of Condition (RoC) up to being finally a US Citizen.

My K1 Visa + AOS + ROC + Naturalization Timeline
Immigration Diary

Our actual complete timeline from the day we met, to filing a Tourist Visa, Filing a K1 Fiance Visa, until we got married and apply for  AOS and EAD/AP Combo Card to adjust status and acquire Permanent Resident Card or known as Green Card.

Continue Reading →

My K1 Fiance Visa Interview Experience
Sample K1 Fiance Visa Interview Tips

My Fiance Visa Interview Experience from tips on how to answer the interview effectively.
June 6, 2014 – It was my 2nd time going to US Embassy after I had my tourist visa interview way back 2012 so there is no really nervousness feeling at all.After arriving at the US Embassy there is a separate line for Fiance Visa applicants so me and my child (as K2) easily get inside the building. Continue Reading →

Important Links to Know in Applying AOS and EAD/AP?
Cover Letter1 Border

To all K1 Visa Holder who got married within 90 days upon arrival in the US and applying for AOS and EAD/AP COmbo Card, here’s the summary link from USCIS + sample cover letters, sample filled up Form I-485, Form I-765, Form I-131 and Form I-864.  Continue Reading→

How to file AOS and EAD/AP Combo Card for K1/K2?

First of all congratulations on your wedding! Next step is Application for Adjustment of Status or AOS in able to get a Green card and remain legally in the United States at least for 2 years. Along with AOS, starting Jul. 30, 2007 (as per USCIS site) we can also apply AP (Advance Parole) and EAD (Employment Authorization Docs) or usually they called EAD/AP Combo Card with no additional fee. Here are the Requirements.  Continue Reading → 

How to monitor AOS and EAD/AP combo card Application Effectively?
Case Sumarry3

Sign up an account with my case at USCIS so you don’t always type in your receipt number and check the status per form application from time to time. Continue Reading →

What to Expect on Biometrics?
15 - 1

Of all the steps in the process of acquiring Green Card. Biometrics would probably the most easiest step. Simple Requirements from the USCIS site under Photographs and Fingerprints. Only two things need to bring: Biometrics Appointment Letter and Passport as Photo Identification. Continue Reading →

How to Apply Social Security Number using K1/K2 Visa?

SSN Application is easy and its free. Using a K1 and K2 Visa – one way to apply SS Card is apply it right after arrival in US before marriage or before Form I-94 expires and then go back to SSA Office again after the wedding to update the surname by showing the marriage certificate.
Another easier way, in case our Form I-94 expires – we can also apply SSN after EAD/AP Combo card arrived so everything is updated in our SS Card at once. Combo card usually arrived after 2 months upon AOS and EAD/AP Application so it’s not that much of a long wait before we can apply our SSN. Here are the process in obtaining SSN. Cotinue Reading →

Having another Medical Examination Form I-693 by a Civil Surgeon
Form I-693

As part of AOS application here in US together with my son, one of the “optional” requirement is the medical examination  (Form I-693) from the civil surgeon accredited by the USCIS.
During our submission of Adjustment of Status and Combo card (EAD/AP) application last Dec 2014, we DO NOT see a civil surgeon because our Vaccine worksheet from St. Luke’s Philippines is still valid until May 2015. Continue Reading →

AOS Interview Experience + The Realization about this Interview
AOS Interview Experience

AOS Interview Date: May 12, 2015
Status: Approved!
One thing I realized about this AOS Interview is that — Marriage is not enough to prove that the relationship is real and genuine. Unlike other couple who easily undergone their AOS Interview, ours didn’t went well that easy. This interview is the USCIS Officer’s opportunity to get one on one with the couple, to check if the marriage is “for real” and that the documents to be shown here is an important factor of their decision whether to grant or deny a green card. Continue Reading →

Finally got our Green Card!
Green Card 2015

Yay! Finally! A week after our AOS Interview, we already received our much awaited 2 years conditional Permanent Resident cards or known as Green Card! This is a proof that our I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust of Status has been APPROVED! A Guide pamphlet that comes with the I-551 green card is just a sneak peak of the Complete Guide for new Immigrants which compose of 100 + pages about information on how to settle permanently in the United States. Continue Reading →


Report of Marriage (Via Mail) – Rejected

To be honest I’m lazy doing this. I filed my ROM after I received my green card before our 1st year anniversary of marriage. It seems like an extra task however this is important in order for our marriage here in the US be reported  to the Civil Registrar of the Philippines through Phil. Embassy having jurisdiction over the locality where the wedding took place. See on→ Phil. Embassy Jurisdiction Finder to determine which consulate the state of your wedding venue being covered. In my case is the Philippine Consulate in LA. Continue Reading →


Report of Marriage (Via Outreach Program) – Accepted

Since our Report of Marriage via mail to Los Angeles was rejected, here’s the Part II of filing our Report of Marriage to the Philippine Consulate. By this time is via the Outreach Program in San Diego California. Again it is important to report our marriage to the Philippines because this serve the purpose of renewing our passport using married name and if we plan to become a dual citizen. Continue Reading →



Travelling back to PH and going back to US with Nearly Expired Passport

By standard, we have to travel internationally with our passport valid until 6 months. But what if there’s emergency case and you have to travel immediately with nearly expired passport? Continue Reading →



USCIS ROC Notification Letter has Arrived

Jan. 21, 2017 – three weeks before our ROC Filing Schedule (90 days before Green Card 2nd year anniversary), we already received the ROC Notification Letter from USCIS reminding us to file Form I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. Continue Reading →



Removal of Condition for K1 and K2

Within 90 days before the 2 yr green card expiration, we (the green card holder) must file Form I-751 to Remove Conditions on Permanent Residence Based on Marriage. If we don’t — our conditional resident status will automatically be terminated and USCIS will begin removal proceedings against us! Pretty scary isn’t it? But don’t worry as long as you’re on track of your expiration date you should be fine. Continue Reading →



Application for Naturalization (Form N-400) – through online

My friends, I finally filed my Form N-400 (Application for Naturalization) to become a U.S. Citizen. Last (but not the least) document to be filed at USCIS. By this time – you probably master filing documents already by your own. 🙂However, I still want to document my process and share it with you. This time I filed my application online and it went so easy and less stressful. Continue Reading →


Naturalization of a Minor Dependent

For those N-400 Applicant who has a minor dependent below 18 yrs old → As per Child Citizenship Act (CCA) of 2000 children under 18 years of age as of Feb. 27, 2001 automatically acquire US Citizenship under former INA 320 and need NOT to file Form N-400 if they meet these following conditions: Continue Reading →




Our Naturalization Interview Experience
Wow! Okay, First of all I noticed that the Form N400 Application now a days are progressing very fast! My online application says ~ Estimated Completion Time is February 2020 (9 months) so I didn’t expect I will be hearing some progress from USCIS this early.  Continue Reading →




Naturalization Oath Ceremony -San Diego Ca

Much awaited moment! We are finally a US Citizen! Continue Reading →



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  1. Hi Donna, Thanks for documenting your experiences in getting the K1-Visa and immigrating to the US! Really helpful for women like me who are currently going through the same tedious process. 🙂


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