Removal of Condition Application for K1 and K2

Within 90 days before the 2 yr green card expiration, we (the green card holder) must file Form I-751 to Remove Conditions on Permanent Residence Based on Marriage. If we don’t — our conditional resident status will automatically be terminated and USCIS will begin removal proceedings against us! Pretty scary isn’t it? But don’t worry as long as you’re on track of your expiration date you should be fine.

At this stage, I find the requirements are much more easier and it seems like this is already a self petition – joint application with the US Citizen spouse.

 Feb. 25, 2017: ROC Date Filed
Mar. 21, 2017: Biometrics
May 12, 2017: Green Card Expired

Jul 12, 2018:  10 yr Green Card on hand

Your status is conditional, because you must prove that you did not get married to evade the immigration laws of the United States. To remove these conditions you must file Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. – USCIS

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As always ~ I referred my Checklist to the list of requirements at the ROC Notification Letter that USCIS sent to me via USPS mail and from the USCIS website under the Instructions for Form I-751 page 5. Then I created my own detailed version of requirements based on our case. See below:

  • 1st Folder: Cover Letter, Payment Check, Form I-751 and Identifications
    1. Cover Letter with details of application/petition and summary list of submitted documents signed by both the Conditional Resident and US Citizen. See Sample ROC Cover Letter.
    2. Payment Check: Filing Fee $595 + Biometrics Fee $85 + Dependent Child Biometrics Fee $85 = $765.
      Note: Always check the latest filing fee on USCIS I-751 link under ‘Filing Fee’ tab.
    3. Filled-up Form I-751 and Signed by both the Conditional Resident Applicant and US Citizen Spouse.
    4. Photocopies of I-551 conditional permanent resident card/green card (front and back side) for both K1 and K2.
    5. Photocopies of Old and New Passport for K1, K2 and US Citizen spouse.
  • 2nd Folder: Bank Account, Car Insurance and Utility
    1. February 2016 to January 2017 California Coast Statement and History
    2. Geico Car Insurance
    3. Utility Bills
  • 3rd Folder: Device Identification and Phone Bills History
    1. The phone number and Name Identification Papers from Verizon and
    2. Bill History
  • 4th Folder: Federal and State Tax Filed Jointly
    1. 2014 Federal and State Tax
    2. 2015 Federal and State Tax
  • 5th Folder: Health and Dental Insurance
    1. Copy of Health Cards for all the member of the family
    2. Copy of Dental Card Insurance for all the member of the family
  • 6th Folder: Marriage in Good Faith Evidence:
    1. Copy of Marriage Certificate
    2. Copy of Report of Marriage to Philippines
    3. Original and Photocopy of our new baby’s (Audrey) birth certificate
    4. Copy of baby Audrey’s Report of Birth to Philippines
    5. Affidavit Sworn of my mother in law – notarized
    6. Affidavit Sworn of my brother in law – notarized
  • Photo Book: Consists of Important Photos and Events from 2011-2017
    1. Photos from the time we met (2011)
    2. US Vacations (2012 & 2013)
    3. Wedding photos (2014)
    4. Latest photos prior filing I-751 (2017 New Year Celebration)
ROC Form I-751

ROC Requirements

ROC (1 of 1).JPG

First 2 pages of Photo book: Summary of the Important Dates and Events from first meeting up to the latest photo prior ROC Application.

Then we sent our ROC papers via USPS to below address since we are living in California.

USCIS California Service Center
P.O. Box 10751
Laguna Niguel, CA 92607-1075

ROC Filing K1K2

Mailed ROC package via USPS

Note from USCIS: Applicants must file Form I-751 at the USCIS California Service Center or the USCIS Vermont Service Center, depending on where they live.
Please always check latest Filing Location at under ‘Where to file’ Tab



So that was it! See our full ROC Timeline below:

It took us about 18 months from ROC Submission to GC on hand.

Green Card Expiration – May 12, 2017
Jan. 21, 2017 – ROC Notification Letter from USCIS arrived via USPS reminding that we need to file Form I-751
Feb. 6, 2017 – Started gathering and organizing required documents
Feb. 9, 2017 – Requested my mom-in-law and bro-in-law to make an affidavit of sworn
Feb. 15, 2017 – Received Affidavit of Sworn from bro-in-law via mail, notarized already
Feb. 17, 2017 – Accompanied Mom-in-law to notarize Affidavit of sworn
Feb. 24, 2017 – Reviewed and Finalized ROC Requirements together with Brent
Feb. 25, 2017Mailed ROC Packet via USPS (Priority Mail)
Mar. 2, 2017 – Received Green Card Extension Letter for 1 yr
Mar. 10, 2017 – Received Form I-797C NOA Biometrics Appointment Letter
Mar. 21, 2017 – Biometrics appointment at the Application Support Center USCIS SD
May 12, 2017 – 2 yr. Green Card Expired.
Jan. 17, 2018 Follow up with USCIS via phone call, I was told I am still in normal processing time. Wow! It’s almost 1 year since the last time I submitted my papers and still no green card yet.
Jun 6, 2018: USCIS Status – “Case was transferred to another USCIS office”. They sent notice why they moved our case to another office.
Required Action: Waiting for NOA to arrive.
June 11, 2018  Received Notice of Action letter from USCIS – “Transfer to Texas Service Center”
July 11, 2018  USCIS Status –“Card was mailed to me”. No Interview
July 12, 2018 – Got our 10 yr green card in our mail box! Yeheyyy!!!!

Disclaimer: I am not connected to USCIS or any state department, this post is based on my own experience and how I filed my Form I-751 package. My case will probably be different than your case and situation. Please adjust and re-organize according to your case. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Removal of Condition Application for K1 and K2

  1. Hi Donna! I almost had a heart attack when I thought you close down your blog! You have no idea how helpful you are to people like me who are lost in regards to their visa applications. You are truly God sent to me! I love how systematic and orderly you are when dealing with all the twists and turns of the application process. Congrats on getting your 10 year GC!


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