My Son’s US Passport Application Part 2 of 3 – Seeking Legal Advice

The State Department are giving us 90 days to respond with the additional information they need to approve Raymond’s US Passport Application. Failure to submit beyond 90 days – his application will be denied.
Our countdown starts last Aug. 19.

3 options I can possibly deliver, it’s either:
OPTION 1. Contact and encourage my son’s bio father to submit notarized DS-3053 to the State Department.
OPTION 2. Court Order specifically permitting the applying parent to apply for child’s US passport.
OPTION 3. Court Order granting Sole Legal Custody to applying parent.

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So we sought a legal advise from San Diego Ca Family Law Facilitator (FLF Office) to see if they can give me (OPTION 2) a court order permitting to apply for my son’s US passport without sole custody document since the bio father is living outside United States.

Me and Raymond at the Room 480 FLF Office San Diego downtown

I risked going to FLF office in San Diego downtown, even without the appointment to seek answer to my problem. The wait line.. is.. just.. a.. pain in the butt! We arrived 10AM and we got accomodated 4PM.

After analyzing Raymond’s case, this is what the lawyer explained to us based from what I understand:
1. Our case is easy if the non-appearing parent will submit a signature of consent DS-3053 to State Department and then Raymond’s passport will be mailed to our house. DONE
2. If the bio father will not provide a parental consent due to some reason, the list of action items will be lengthy.
3. We will go through the so-called Hague Convention between US and Thailand.
4. The court need to serve court order to the bio father in Thailand to appear at the court to establish paternal relationship, sole custody matters, etc. etc. which is not what we’re going for.

Basically, the easiest way for me is to go on OPTION 1 and I have no choice but to BEG for the Notarized Parental Consent DS-3053 from the bio father if I can.

I preferred not to have any social media connection with the bio father and so connecting with him was a real challenge at first!

I dug down on my old e-mail and found his e-mail address. Explaining all the information I have so far together with the lawyer’s advice makes him easily understand the case and the best solution to the problem.

Oct. 19 – He sent the Notarized Parental Consent directly to the Department of State.

Another challenge – I hope it will reach the State Department before the 90th day! Ugh! 30 more days! Wish me luck!

Taken in front of the building of Superior Court of California County of San Diego

Family Law Facilitators Office San Diego Downtown
Family Law Business Office in San Diego Ca
San Diego CA Family Court Services: (619) 844-2777


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