Kid’s Bedroom Improvement Part 1

While we’re working on our Adjustment of Status for Permanent Residency here in the US. We are kind of working on improving the house as well. One major journey accomplished so far was improving Raymond my sonshine’s dark looking bedroom with old carpet to a brighter room with bamboo wood flooring.

Kid's Bedroom Transformation

Raymond’s Bedroom Transformation

Before – Raymond’s bedroom was dark looking and in a carpet which he not get use to.

Kids bedroom Improvement Dark Bedroom in Carpet

While we are working on changing the entire house flooring from carpet to bamboo wood floors, we also decided to do major improvement on his bedroom.

  First, teared-up the Carpet and sanded the base flooring to make the surface flat and even.

Teared-up the carpet

Sanded base floor

Installed underneath base pad that floor will sit on making sure it’s all smooth and level.

Underneath Base Pad for wooden floor

Underneath Base Pad

Installed in the Bamboo Wood Floors.

Installing Bamboo Wooden Floors

Bamboo Wooden Floors

Painted the room in Valspar Can’t Miss Lime Bright Green color in semi-gloss to make the room look brighter. And the baseboards and door frames just simple semi-gloss white to match the white ceiling.

Bedroom in green Paint

Painted in Valspar Can’t Miss Lime color

Painted the Cabinet in Valspar Blue Burst for pop out color.


Cabinet in blue burst color

And Jaraaan!! Here’s Raymond my sonshine’s bedroom transformation from carpet and dark room to wooden floor and more brighter kid’s bedroom.

Kid's Bedroom in green paint

Kid's bedroom in Ninja Turtle theme

He seems to love it a lot!

Kid's Bedroom in green paint

Raymond my sonshine in his New Improved Bedroom!


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