Fine Motor: Fizzy Ocean Theme

Hello my dear friends and Momshies, while Homeschooling is still life during this time of Quarantine – I will be posting fun and engaging activities for kids.

One of the preschool science activities that my daughter loves to do is the classic baking soda and vinegar mixture. It is fast and easy to prepare that you can pull easily from your kitchen.

Fizzy Ocean Sensory

You need:
– Baking Soda (about 1 cup)
– Vinegar (about 1 cup)
– Food color
– Summer toys, shells or any summer decor you have at home
– White plate or transparent dish
– Eye dropper or Squeeze bottle

1. Spread baking soda on a dish
2. decorate with Ocean animals and summer decor
3. Mix food color on vinegar
4. Squeeze Vinegar mixture onto the baking spda and see the magic happens.

There’s a lot of sensory that kids can learn on this activity – the sound that reminds me of a real ocean is one of my favorite, the fizzing reaction and the smell of the vinegar. Most importantly the fine motor skills that the kids develop on this activity.


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