Home Improvement – Hard Wood Floor Installation

Hi Friends, How are you? And how’s my blog that needs my tender loving attention, lol!

I’ve been very busy lately with home repairs since we moved to our new home last 2017. As we know, homes in California are mostly fixer upper.

One of my main concern is the CARPET:
1. When it get dirty, it gets really dirty and it is hard to clean. I tried to put interlocking rubber tiles temporarily for easy cleaning on the playroom where the place that can get dirty easily, however easy fix are not permanent.
2. And not to mention I always find my self getting out of balance when I walk on the carpet.

I can not stand it so I decided to install the hard wood floors my self while hubby is at work.

Living room / Playroom with carpet flooring
Rubber tiles on top of the carpet for easy cleaning

What we did:
1. Measure the floor area that needs installation. We did the whole house -living room, dining area and 3 bedrooms except the bathroom.
2. Pick the type of flooring to install – Ours is Floating Interlocking hardwood floor so it doesn’t need to glue or nail down.
3.Order the wood floors with 10% excess for error replacement
4. Tear the carpet off and the carpet tack strip.
5. Level, clean the sub floor and put cement repair caulk on the holes.
6. Put Underlayment – ours is the ECO Ultra Quiet Acoustical Underlayment – it’s rubber type so it’s long lasting.
7. And then finally the fun part – install the wood floors.

US Life – Carpentry Life
Tearing the carpet with cutter section by section
Not the fun part – Removing the carpet tack strips.. Hah! I hate them!
Wood floor installation with the troublemaker

And then tadaaaa! New Look, New Playroom!

Our new Playroom with hardwood floors!

No more cleaning nightmares at night. It is easy to clean and maintain therefore you can always wake up in the morning with a clean house. 🙂

Mornings at the playroom

Believe in hard work, it always pays off at the end


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