Easter Activities Day 3

A very wonderful and meaningful day! This 3 simple activities will definitely make your kids busy.

We enjoyed this activity by giving our bunny a character, made a carrot craft and fed him!

We first read a book “It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny” where in the main character PJ explores life and pretended to be someone else however did not like the consequences along the way and at the end he finally appreciate being himself and with his family. Won’t spoil the details, indeed a must read story!

– Improvised Bunny
– Carrot cut outs
– Green gift wrap tissue paper
– Orange Dot markers, pen marker and crayon.

– Color the carrots with orange using orange dab markers, pen markers or crayons.
– Cut out pieces of green gift wrap tissue and glue it on the carrots.
– Enjoy feeding the bunny. Kids can also play taking turns feeding the bunny.

DIY Bunny Rabbit made out of empty Milk gallon

Easter Themed Preschool Worksheets. Definitely a good find for kids and are free to download!

Bunny Trace and Cut from atozteacherstuff.com
Easter Tracing Pack from Tpt

* To all the content creators that put this wonderful worksheets together, thank you so much! We are really putting this into a real good personal use!


Arts using water color or Paint for kids. Kids loved painting and a footprint bunny art for the baby!

Bunny Footprints for baby

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