Tula Baby Carrier – First Impression

My daughter Audrey is 2 months when I first came to think of having a baby carrier, we bring her everywhere such as shopping – unfortunately most of the time she doesn’t want to ride on stroller and instead wanted to be carried which makes me tired easily.

After watching and reading so many reviews about baby carriers, I decided to purchase a Tula Baby Carrier since most of the people says they had different types of baby carriers at first and then ended up buying Tula baby carrier is because it is more comfortable, easy to use and more functional.

After ordering at tulababycarriers.com, the package arrived after 2days.

LIGHTROOM (4 of 1)

Unpacked Tula Baby Carrier + Infant Insert


  1. Design – As I expected it came with the design I like, the Skyscape color navy blue with calming white clouds print on it.
Tula baby carrier in Skyscape.1

Tula baby carrier Skyscape Design

2. Straps – The thread and stitches are in high quality and the straps has foam inside which are very soft..

Tula baby Carrier Straps

Straps, threads and stitches are in high quality

3. Elastic Bands – The straps has elastic bands that help keep it neat and in place in case not in use.

Tula baby Carruer Strap.1

Straps with Elastic bands


4. Infant Insert – The Tula Infant Insert are also very soft. It is mainly foam inside, my baby is very much comfortable inside of it!

Tula Infant Insert (10 of 1)

Tula Infant Insert in black

5. Wearing at the First Time – The tula carrier instructions are very easy to follow, easy baby wearing – only two straps needed to buckle up and then a little adjustment, nothing so much complicated. It has equal weight distribution and very good balance, finally no more back pains anymore yey!

Here’s me and Audrey wearing Tula at the first time. Will definitely use this everywhere even at home and can get done with my chores while carrying her yay! Love the fact that getting close together is so much easier now!

Tula baby carrier in skyscape design

Me and my baby wearing Tula at the first time


Tula baby carrier can be use front and back carrying, back carrying when baby is a little older. The only cons I can see for right now is that – it can’t be use for front carrying while the baby is facing out.


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