#MemoryBook – Estrella de Mendoza Laiya Batangas Vacation

One of the unforgettable moment we had together with my family was last 2012 New Year celebration at the Estrella de Mendoza Resort in Laiya Batangas. We spent 3 days enjoying the place.

Estrella de Mendoza Resort has nice facilities; wide area car park, family room, restaurant and coffee shop, meeting facilities, outdoor pool for adult and kids, smoking area, Souvenir Shop, playground for kids and toddlers and the hotel elevator with glass wall that can overlook the whole view of the resort .

Rooms are also very nice with mostly 2 bedrooms; with restroom, ac, fridge, coffee/tea maker, tv (w/cable), hair dryer and safety boxes. I remember the room we rented was Php5K per day and the food at the restaurant is very awesome and affordable!!

Although not in summer season, the weather is so nice..

Estrella de Mendoza pool

Estrella de Mendoza

Boating with the Family and cousins – hopping on nearby Laiya Beach Resorts..

estrella de mendoza

After boating, found this little cutie fish that seems like Angy Birds in shape! 😉

Estrella de Medoza Family Trip

During the Sunset – view of the Estrella de Mendoza hotel from the beach.

Estrella de Mendoza Family Trip

During the sunset by the beach…  Awww! This balsa is very dramatic looking!

Estrella de Mendoza

The next morning – View from the Balcony

Estrella de Mendoza

Enjoying the Spacious Room inside hotel. Preppin and playing family programs while waiting for the new year.

Estrella de Mendoza

Estrella de Mendoza

And the much awaited New Years Celebration!!!

Most of the beach resorts now a days, foodies are free  at the day of new year celebration.

Estrella de Mendoza

Capturing Fireworks ~ Gotta a litte us time ❤

Estrella De Mendoza

Of course, fireworks are really hard to capture in small Digi cams but when I do, faces suffer from blurriness however got my honey’s face a little clear in here!

Estrella de MendozaThis was atleast a little clear. Honey bear squeezin with my family.

Estrella de Mendoza


“Happiest place on earth is where the place being spent with your family and loves ones.” 🙂

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