My K1/K2 Fiance Visa Process

After about 3 years (2011 – 2013) of going back and fort to United States Via Tourist Visa and my Fiance (Brent) travel to Philippines, We can say 2014 is probably a good time to finally settle down and file for a Fiance Visa.

December of 2013 ~ my USC Fiance filed Form I-129F Petition for K1 with K2 dependent and then received a NOA1 later that month.
January of 2014 ~ He then received a NOA2 (with case no.) stating Petition was approved!
Next to that – they will forward the case to the National Visa Center (NVC) in the Philippines for further processing.

After hearing the news! I searched the Requirements for Fiance Visa on my end and start working on the documents required though I have not received the NVC Letter yet.

It’s good to be proactive because you never know how long will it take to receive the NVC Letter with the list of requirements. It could be 1 week or 1 month or so.

I started February of 2014
It is always safe to check the Fiance Visa Process from Manila US Embassy and then check the List of Requirements from there. After checking those websites – here’s the requirements I worked on.
1. Check Passport – make sure it’s within or greater than the 6 months expiration.
2. NSO Birth Certificates (for me and my son) requested at SM Mall.
3. CENOMAR – requested mine at the SM Mall as well.
4. NBI Clearance – you can apply NBI Clearance on line for faster processing.
5. Filled-up DS-160
6. Paid K1 and K2 Visa Fee ~ $240 each applicant, total of $480. Check the latest amount and conversion at BPI Visa Types and Applicable Fees.

May of 2014 – I finally received my the NVC Letter with a copy of NOA2 from Philippine US Embassy. By this time I am almost finished working on my requirements and already scheduled a Medical Examination and Interview at the US Embassy.

7. Medical Examination at St. Luke’s Extension Medical Clinic
– Medical examination should be 1 week before the interview.
– I registered first at and
– Brought a copy of SLEC Registration, NVC Letter, Passport.
– Fee is $245 for 15 yrs and older and $185 for 15 yrs old and below.
– Always check the latest fee at their website. Click here for the link.

8. Evidence of Genuine Relationship
– I printed lots of photos of our trip both in Philippine and United States
– I did NOT print a copy of of our conversation on Skype for I believe photos are enough.

My Fiance Visa Documents in an Expandable Folder with Label

I am not connected to US Embassy nor USCIS. These are the requirements that best suit for my case as a single mother and no work experience abroad. Always check the original list of requirements from the US Embassy and USCIS and adjust according to your case. Thank you!


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