Of all the steps in the process of acquiring Green Card and EAD/AP Combo Card. Biometrics is by far the most easiest step.

Note that if you have K2 applying with you, they should have a Biometrics appointment as well.

Simple Requirements from the USCIS site under Photographs and Fingerprints. Only two things need to bring.

  1. Biometrics Appointment Letter and
  2. Passport

And then we went to Local USCIS address on the date (Jan. 22, 2015) that is indicated on our Biometrics Appointment Letter. Again, Camera, Cellphone or any electronic device is not allowed. The service is First come First serve. Upon entering the building, the security guard gave us a queue number (for me and my K2 separately) and then handed in a short form to be filled up for few information;

  1. Married Name,
  2. Alien Number,
  3. Application or Receipt Number (this can be found on the Biometrics Appointment letter)
  4. Height,
  5. Weight,
  6. Birthday,
  7. Sex (M or F)
  8. Ethnicity – Asian
  9. Color of the hair
  10. Color of the eyes
  11. Country of Citizenship
  12. Alias Name (or other name used like maiden name)

And I think that’s all (I hope I don’t forgot anything).Only 1 page and won’t take so much time. We waited about 10 to 20 mins before our numbers are being called, the waiting time is depending on the population inside the local USCIS.

As the name implies – Biometrics, they just simply took our picture, signature and finger prints electronically. No rings and earrings allowed during the process. And then after that we just filled up a small piece of paper for their rate of service satisfaction. It’s fast and easy! All in all we only spent 1 hour inside the Local USCIS.

It feels so great that we are accomplishing things little by little, though we don’t have Lawyer helping us in our application since the beginning of our K1/K2 Visa application, it’s really worth the effort behind those sleepless nights studying the process in our own. Another accomplishment done! Yebah!

Next Step is to wait for Interview Notification.


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  4. Hi Donna, nice to meet you here, I just followed you, my name is Dewi Heitz, and I’m glad I found your blog, so I can find more information about my AOS. I’m gonna have my biometric next week…so exited to get it


  5. hi Donna,ill just ask a question for applying AOS and i follow u,and is in process,my son was 6 years old, should he get a bio metric appointment ?or he will need bio metric/?


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