Gender Reveal for my 2nd Baby

Been busy the past few weeks! Threw a Gender Reveal Party for my 2nd baby. We had a homemade mini cupcakes and a Surprise box in a box for adult with a little bit of prank 😉

Like everybody else in the family – I am wishing for a girl. Either boy or girl I’m ok as long as the baby is healthy.

Gender Reveal Mini Cupcakes in a DIY decorated cake holder.

Easy Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Kid’s reaction, most of them want a girl.. Let’s see what’s inside – Pink or Blue?

LIGHTROOM (1 of 1)

Happy big brother got a pink! That’s what he wanted! 🙂

Easy Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Opening a surprise doll box in a box for adult. 

Gender Reveal Doll in a box

Got a turtle on the first surprise box as a prank 😉

Gender Reveal prank

And then… 2nd box revealed it! Yay!

Gender Reveal Doll in a box

It’s a G! 🙂 🙂

Gender RevealA girl to complete big brother Raymond 🙂

Gender Reveal

Happy to have a new baby G! Can’t wait to see you baby!



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