Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

Christmas Season is here and I’m almost done with my presents for everyone in the family before November ends.. Early shopping, less stress.

Here’s our Christmas 2018 Gift Ideas within the budget ($20 – $50). First of all, this is just an additional excitement for Christmas Holiday, more importantly is spending time with our love ones and make them feel loved and special.

Tips on Giving Gifts – Know the person and what they like or what they do for living or their favorite hobbies and gather idea from there. 

So without further ado, here’s our Christmas Gifts for this year:

  1. Miniso Store and Daiso Japan has all little cuties that can fill up Christmas Gift Box. Like Plush Dolls, Candies, Beauty Accessories etc.

    Miniso Store San Diego Ca


    Plush Doll from Miniso store and Storage box (used as a Christmas box) from IKEA

    Little cute stuff from Miniso store for girls

    3D + 2D Puzzle and candy for boys

  2. BestBookStand from – my in-laws love to read books so I thought this is a great idea, it can also be use for holding the cookbook while cooking at the kitchen.



  3. Winter Clothing from Costco
    Christmas Gift.2018 (3 of 4).JPG

    For her


    Christmas Gift.2018 (4 of 4).JPG

    For him

  4. Cookies set of 4 from Costco paired with Starbucks Coffee
    Christmas Gift.2018 (2 of 4)

    Our general gift for everybody – Cookies and Coffee

  5. Throw by IKEA

    For her



  6. T2 set of Tea or David’s Tea from Amazon will do
    T2 Tea

    Tea is great for winter



  7. Fiction or Non-Fiction Books in Trend – Check Amazon Best Book of the Year so far
    Books in trend

    For people who loves books



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