USCIS’ ROC Notification Letter has Arrived

Jan. 21, 2017 – three weeks before our ROC Filing Schedule (90 days before Green Card 2nd year anniversary), we already received the ROC Notification Letter from USCIS reminding us to file Form I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence.


Here’s how the ROC Notification Letter from USCIS looks like.  Instructions and Requirements were listed in order to assist us in filing ROC.

Removal of Condition Notification from USCIS

Removal of Condition Notification Letter from USCIS

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2 thoughts on “USCIS’ ROC Notification Letter has Arrived

  1. Hi Ms. Donna🙂

    Your blog helps me a lot. I followed all the procedures regarding the processing on USCIS and it was a success! Thank you🙂

    I want to take this opportunity to asked your opinion regarding my application. My case was received and waiting for my scheduled interview. I submit my AOS/EAD/AP on November 7 2016 and received a notification the day after. My biometrics was on December 9. I was expecting a notification for my combo card on 3rd week of this month unfortunately i did not received anything .

    Hope you can lead me to the next step🤗


    • Thanks for your kind words Jenny, I understand how you are so happy and excited, I was also very excited on waiting for the progress of my application. Sometimes the length of processing is not the same for all applicants. It will come soon, everything will be fine, just be patient.


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