Application for Learner’s Permit in California

I am finally in the process of applying my Driver’s License here in California. The first step is to apply for Learner’s Permit. Here’s how.

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1st – Go to and click Appointments.


2nd – Click Office Visit Appointment: In every first time DL Application in CA whether you already knew how to drive or not.


3rd – Fill-up Appointment System. Select the DMV Office near you, click Apply for Original DL and then your personal info and then after that – you will be directed to first available appointment date.. Normally it is 2 to 3 weeks from the date you are filling it up, depend on how many people are also making an appointment out there. You can also select a date of your preference.

I had my appointment  (Oct. 28, 2016) 1 month from the date I set the appointment so I have 1 more time to read the California DMV CA Handbook. Take note: Please have time to read the manual and understand it carefully so it’s easy to take the written test. 

DMV CA Handbook

At the DMV.. It is nicer to have the appointment, less hassle than falling long lines..

Show the appointment number confirmation to the DMV staff and they will ask what is your purpose – In my case is applying for First time California Driver’s License.

REQUIREMENTS being asked at the Front Desk:

  1. Green Card
  2. Social Security Number
  3. Identification Card with Address as a Proof of address. In my case – I don’t have yet that is why I am applying for Driver’s License and Cal State ID. $33 for DMV License and $29 for ID.
  4. My husband’s Electric bill and Car Registration form with his address on it.
  5. Marriage Certificate
  6. Bring a copy of Birth Certificate

After they checked everything is ok they gave another number to be called by one of the windows. Wait for your number to be called and they will assist you for all you need on that day of appointment.

  1. I paid the DMV License Fee and Cal State ID Fee- take note it is two different cards.
  2. And then the Eye examination,
  3. Picture Taking
  4. Take the Written Test. Result: PASSED!.. It is easy if you read and just understand what are those guides and if you don’t understand it in English they have DMV guide in other language too, so basically what I did is, read it in English version and for the paragraphs that I didn’t understand – I read it in Tagalog version make sure I understand it correctly.. Just read read read before the written test..
  5. After passing the written test, they issued me the Learner’s Permit first.
California DMV Learner's Permit

Learner’s Permit

After I had my Learner’s Permit – I am already driving our car accompanied by my husband who is licensed as well. You can drive accompanied by any person who is a California Licensed Driver age 25 and over. Next is Behind The Wheel Test. Note that you should make an appointment for Behind The Wheel Test before the Learner’s Permit Expiration that you can find on your Learner’s Permit when you passed the Written Test.

Preparation for Behind the Wheel Test:

Just a little note: Since I already know how to drive, I didn’t undergo any Driving Lessons, instead I just followed the rule that I’ve read on the DMV Handbook and aware my self of the car I will drive.

Make sure you are aware of your car’s accessories such as:
   ~ Side Mirror’s adjustment,
   ~ Right and Left Turn Signal
   ~ Lights and Hazard Lights
   ~ Wind Shield Wipers
Always Follow Safe Driver’s Checklist such as:
   ~ Steer Smoothly at all times
   ~ Drive defensively.
Plate Numbers Registration must be up to date
Evidence of Financial Responsibility – Insurance
More at DMV Driving Test Website

You can Set Appointment for Behind the Wheel Test at Appointment System

My Behind the Wheel Appointment: Jan. 20, 2017 at 10:30AM

Some of the Helpful Videos I watched before the BEHIND THE WHEEL TEST:

  1. Top 10 Reason why people Fail on Driving Test 
  2. How To Pass Your Driving Test-5 QUICK Tips
  3. How to Pass Your Driver’s Test – The Secrets!
  4. Behind-the-wheel Driving Test. California. 2016
  5. How to Parallel Park | Pass the Road Test – In case the DMV Officer will test for Parallel Parking, nonetheless it’s still good to know this technique.
  6. Parallel Parking Easy and Simple – more technique to parallel park

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