Halloween 2016

One of the celebration I love and most of the kids – is Halloween! It is also a way to get families get together. Every Halloween we go to my sister in law’s house to do trick or treating on their neighborhood.

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The Grandma excited holding my daughter – the little Pink Monster!

halloween 2016 Pink Monster

My husband, little Pink Monster and in-laws, though they are always shy to take  pictures but yey I gathered them in this small little corner of my sister in-laws house. Say Halloweeeeennnn! 🙂


Me (as a crocodile) preppin’ to trick or treat with the Pink Monster, Kylo Ren (Star Wars), Zombie Baker and the Western Bandit!


L-R: Cousin Leo, Raymond, Audrey, Cousin Ava and me at the back

Getting ready for trick or treating.. My Pink Monster looks so concerned.


Then she got excited later!

My son Raymond as Kylo Ren took a chance to take a photo with a fog from one of the haunted house.


The Zombie Baker getting into the character.


Western Bandit stolen shot made me imagine him robbing banks in the old west!


Meeting other Zombie Bakers! Salute to their Moms who took effort on their makeup, really make me feeling the Halloween!


Halloween for babies maybe a little bit tiring, atleast she’s not refusing the halloween!

And of course Halloween candies are the fun part!


Happy Halloween! 


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