Travelling back to Ph and going back to US with Nearly Expired Passport

By standard, we have to travel internationally with our passport valid until 6 months. But what if there’s emergency case and you have to travel immediately with nearly expired passport?

Aug. 12, 2016 – I had a case wherein we have to travel immediately due to my father’s passing in Philippines. However me and my son’s Philippines Passport will expire in less than a month! (Sep. 6, 2016 to be specific)

For sure Passport Renewal Process is a no go since the releasing time will take 6 – 8 weeks. (Gasp) Cannot be!

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PLAN A: Amendment to Extend the Expiration Date to 1 Year
The fastest way I can think of and is also based on my search is to extend the expiration date of the passport – easy! They call it amendment, the extension amends the expiration date for up to one year and takes place immediately. Just know the Philippine Consulate jurisdiction you belong and just go there right away. Here’s Phil Consulate Finder
Bring the following items:
1. Passport (original and copy)
2. Any proof stating the emergency case (In my case printed copy of screenshot FB conversation)
3. Passport application form (available at the consulate)
4. Fees: $60 for Passport Renewal and $20 for Extension
5. Copy of Ticket

Sounds easy right? The problem is, we live in San Diego CA and our Phil Consulate Jurisdiction is at Los Angeles. We are running out of time and there is no way we can still go to LA to do this amendment process.

PLAN B: Use the Power of Green Card!
For every rule there’s always an exemption. Take note – Our Ph Passport is “nearly expiring” NOT expired yet. Therefore it is still valid!

I found this memorandum from Bureau of Immigration (BOI) that if you are a permanent resident – you still can be able to travel though the passport is less than 6 months valid, just present your Green Card or insert it together with your passport so it’s easy to see. I also printed out the memorandum from BOI and had it in my purse just in case someone interrogate me. Plus it is one of our rights as a permanent card holder to re-enter the United States after traveling abroad. So I decided not to go to LA and just took the risk! And yes, we passed BOI with no problem and safely went back to US again without further questions or any interrogation.


A Guide for New Immigrants: Page 15

PR Card

PR Guide under Rights and Responsibilities. page 15

BOI Office Memorandum Order No. RADJR NO. 013

BOI Order No. RADJR NO. 013


Travelling with nearly expired passport

We made it!


5 thoughts on “Travelling back to Ph and going back to US with Nearly Expired Passport

  1. Hi Donna! Thank you for your blog. It is really helpful. I have a question, can a conditional green card holder travel to Manila for schooling purposes? My son needs to finish his college degree in Manila. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you.


    • Hi Cherry, Thanks for your kind words. I am not sure about finishing college purposes though as far as I know, if he is a Filipino citizen, there should be no problem travelling back to home country. It’s a great thing that one of our benefits as a green card holder is – we can travel outside US multiple times and re-enter US. Though we should not stay outside US for more than 6 months or a year otherwise the US residency will be abandoned, however if the trip is longer than a year, USCIS has an advise on what to do – Read full article from USCIS on this link. Hope I answered your question, have a good weekend.


  2. Hi Donna,
    Thanks for your helpful information. But where can I find the order no. RADJR-013 so i can print it out for myself? We are going to the Philippines in 3 weeks and my passport expires in June.
    Thank you very much.


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