How to get Rush US Passport within 24 Hours – The Legitimate way

We are saddened with my father’s passing in Philippines and first thing I wanna do is to immediately fly back to my home town with my husband and 2 kids. However I got into a panic mode – I don’t know what to do, where to begin, where to go or whom to contact. I am so confused in the middle of grievances. We have 2 problems prior the trip!

1st – Our US Citizen Baby (Audrey) don’t have a passport at all.
2nd – Our Philippines passports will expire in less than a month. (Plan to fly Aug 16, 2016, passport will expire in Sep. 06, 2016)

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First instinct is to contact Mr. Google on how to get a Rush US Passport for my baby.

Can’t believe my search result: The legitimate way to get a rush US Passport within the day is to go through one of the government institution called – Passport Agency. They are the most fast and reliable and most of all – they are legit!

Here’s how we obtained Rush US Passport within the day:

1. Know the nearest Passport Agency near your location through this link – Regional Passport Agency
2. Once you know the nearest agency, call them right away to schedule an appointment, they are very fast and reliable, on the phone call they gave us confirmation number and the requirements on what to bring and then the address of the building. Our nearest location is San Diego CA and had our appointment the very next day. Luckily it’s not LA!
3. Follow the requirements~ Requirements we provided are:
~ Appointment Confirmation Number (Our Appointment Date: Aug 15, 2016)
~ Printed copy of our Ticket as a proof of International Travel  (Flying Date: Aug 16, 2016)
~ Passport photo of the applicant
~ Completed Passport Application Form – U.S. Passport Applications and Forms
~ Marriage Certificate of me and my husband as a proof of relationship
~ Additional document – Birth Certificate of the applicant. Just in case they need it.
~ Death Certificate – as per phone call during setting an appointment however this is not been asked on the day of our appointment. Besides I don’t have this at hand.
~ $60 Expedite Fee + $80 Passport Application Fee. Major Credit Card / Debit Card, Money Order or Cash are acceptable. Always check latest Passport Application Fee here – US Passport Fees

At the Passport Agency Building San Diego CA (Aug 15, 2016 9AM)

When we got into the building on our appointment day, we fall in line before  going into the agency office itself to have the prescreening of our requirements by the lady officer in charge. It is just real quick.  She just check the needed requirements, put a paper clip and guide as to come inside the office.

Audi_Passport (1 of 1)

Prescreening of Requirements

After passing metal detector security (I did not took a picture anymore coz it feels awkward). While waiting for our number to be called, I noticed some of the applicants are literally and obviously in rush, like some are still in pajamas!

After our number being called, all the needed requirements are been reviewed and accepted. Fast forward, the lady at the window says we can go back at 3PM the same day to get the Rushed US Passport!

Rush Passport within a day

There my baby ready to fly!


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