My Epidural vs. Non-Epidural Labor Experience

You are probably here reading my story because you are afraid of giving birth or haven’t figured out yet about your birthing plan. I have 2 kids, both I gave birth in normal delivery with induced labor.

My Non-Epidural Labor Experience:

Flashback on 2008 with my first child Raymond, at 37 weeks I’m already feeling early signs of labor like; menstruation cramp like pain and pain on my groin area every time my baby turn his head specially when I’m walking. So on my 37th week of prenatal check-up, my Ob-Gyn and I agreed to schedule an induce labor without epidural by 38th week.

Within that one last week while waiting for my induced labor schedule, it is slowly sinking in to me –  being a first time Mom will now come into reality. I knew I would undergo an intense labor pain but I just think it is part of being a mother and it will make me more appreciative of giving life to my baby.

The time has come on the day of my induced labor – after inducing, a little while my Ob-Gyn broke my water. I felt the contraction on my lower body particularly on my hip and stomach area. At first it was bearable… and then became more and more intense up to the point like I can’t bear the pain anymore, it felt like a large mallet is hitting my hips. When the time came that I had to push, I am out of energy already.I tried my best to push but my Ob-Gyn says it’s not the right way to push. I can’t concentrate, even the sweat on my forehead felt like very heavy! Very destructed with so much pain. It was the most painful thing I’ve ever felt in my life. I said “I can’t do this anymore” but I know there’s no turning back so I had to push. And then I tried my best effort to push but I’m tired already, the doctor says the push seems like only on my throat, no pressure to push my baby anymore. That’s the time she told the assistant to call her husband who is also a doctor to help me push the baby! I got confused how he is going to help me push. When he came, he stand beside me and said “Tell me if you are going to push and we will do this together!” Though confuse, I followed the instruction, when I’m about to push again, I signaled him “Now!” And when I gave my last push (to the best of my effort) he gathered his arms together with the fist closed and leaned it across my upper tummy and immediately slide one arms down! The baby cried!… Wow! I felt relieved! Finally! I am so happy despite all the pain, finally he’s here! The doctor says while she is holding my baby upside down “Look at the head of your baby, it is a little bit pointed coz you hold him too long”. Oh well what can I do, it will go away after a couple of weeks.


Raymond’s most baby picture I have so far. He is one year old here.

I can say it was a hard childbirth experience on my first baby, lack of research. After giving birth my eyes was so red because of too much stress, I also got sick and were not able to take care of my baby really well on first 3 days. It gave me so much trauma that I told my self I don’t want to have a baby anymore.  But then I got pregnant again with my second baby (Audrey). It was also an induced labor 3 days before my due date however this time with *Epidural.

My Epidural Labor Experience:

Oct. 5th, 2015 at La Jolla Scripps Memorial Hospital 8:00AM – a little while after induced with pitocin, the Anaesthesiologist gave me an Epidural. After that, my tummy down to my lower body felt numb. During lunch break time my OB-Gyn came and broke my water. Though my contraction gets high I was just hangin out with my hubby and mom-in-law, chit chatting and taking pictures.

My Epidural Experience

Heart Rate and Contraction Monitor

While probably one of the side effect of Epidural is being sleepy and relaxed – I just took a nap most of the time during labor. In between naps my nurse advised me to alternate sides so it helps slow down too fast birth and ease the pain of contraction. It also gave my husband in a good position to give me a back massage.

My Epidural Labor Experience

During Labor with Epidural: Hangin out wit my hubby and Mom-in-law… Taking Pictures… Napping… Relaxing…

At around 4:30PM after taking a nap I felt pressure (but not really pain) on my pelvic area. The nurse then called the doctor, I knew it was time to push. It is not as painful as I expected, it’s just a strong pressure that I know my baby is about to see the world. I pushed without sweat about half an hour with breaks in between. This time I was very aware and able to concentrate and have full of energy to push rather than the energy wasted in Labor. On my last push – I felt her came out from head to toe slides down every skin of her – very miraculous. I appreciate it more than giving birth with pain.

LIGHTROOM (2 of 1)

First Embrace

My Epidural Labor Experience

Me and my little one safe and happy!

I hope I gave you an idea on how to handle your pain during labor. I would definitely recommend to have an epidural, it’s just like sitting down normally and chit chatting with your family as if nothing is happening. My pregnancy is normal and no complications, you might have different condition than mine. Talk to your Ob-Gyn as early as possible about your birthing plan. Most important of all, go on wherever you are comfortable.

Additional Tip: Bring a small rectangular pillow that you can put under your back to support your back while pushing. This is what I think I am lacking, everything is perfect except that it will be nice to have a small pillow on my back while pushing.

Reference that might help you:

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