Gift Ideas for Family and Friends

While wrapping gift for my family and in laws, here’s some last minute gift ideas that I want to share with you.

  1. CHESS Set – For my 8 yrs old nephew, since he almost had a lot of toys that a kid could have. He would probably ready to learn how to play a grown up toy like CHESS.
  2. THE LITTLE PRINCE Classic Book – For my son, I like this coz it has a lot of moral story, basically how to value relationship and things that you have in life. What fascinates me more is that – it has pop up characters and nice illustrations that brings more excitement on bedtime story reading!
  3. Rainbow MONEY BANK or any cute money bank with a little STUFF TOY that goes with it – Money bank is perfect for lil kids so they can learn how to save early in life.
  4. INSPIRATIONAL BOOK – For my mom since she love inspirational books. I am giving her this one with stunning photography inside.
  5. PIANO BOOK for little kids – I found this at Barnes and Nobles and saw some kids are going crazy with it – they were playing this inside the store so I think my little nephew will gonna love this!


Giving is Kindness, Expecting something in return is Business


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