Report of Marriage – Part II (via Outreach Program)

Since our Report of Marriage via mail to Los Angeles was rejected, here’s the Part II of filing our Report of Marriage to the Philippine Consulate. By this time is via the Outreach Program in San Diego California.

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Again it is important to report our marriage to the Philippines because this  serve the purpose of renewing our passport using married name and if we plan to become a dual citizen.

Referring to the ROM Requirements Listed at Phil. Consulate site, here’s the document I submitted at the Outreach Program.

  • Cover Letter indicating the list of the documents I am submitting. It also served as a checklist for me so I can easily review my papers.
  • Notarized Affidavit of Delayed Registration of Marriage, since we already passed 1 year of our wedding anniversary.
  • Four (4) Original duly accomplished Report of Marriage Contracted Abroad Form. Notarized
    • Wives should indicate maiden name as the last name.
  • 4 Photocopies of Marriage Certificate
  • 4 Photocopies of my passport (Filipina Spouse)
  • 4 Photocopies of my Husband’s passport (US Citizen Spouse)
  • 4 Photocopies of my Birth Certificate (Filipina Spouse)
  • 4 Photocopies of my husband’s birth certificate (US Citizen Spouse)
ROM Checklist2

ROM Checklist

During the Process of ROM at the Outreach Program:
Since all our requirements are complete and notarized – the officers were able to process our papers and we were able to pay the $25 processing fee. We didn’t pay the $6 return envelope since we were there personally and they already processed our papers. From the 4 sets of ROM documents – they took 3 sets of documents and 1 set was returned to us. They told us we can request the NSO Certified copy of Marriage Certificate 3 to 4 months from the date we’ve been approved.

Yay! ROM Application Success!

LIGHTROOM (1 of 1)

Our Approved ROM Copy

Please READ Important NOTE and TIPS: 

  • The Original documents → Marriage Certificate, Passport and Birth Certificates are NOT taken from us during the filing of ROM at the Outreach Program. We just brought it just in case they require proof of original documents for comparison to the photocopies of the document.
  • For the Notarization– we done our notary at Philippine Honorary Consulate of San Diego suggested by the Outreach Program indicated on the Appointment Confirmation List. It is $10 per notary, cheaper than the $20 per notary at Postal Annex. The notarial and legalization of documents are NOT included in the Outreach Program.
    1. In California (based from my experience so far) ~ The notary is being done on additional paper since there is no space on the form itself. You don’t have to provide the additional paper, they will provide it for you.
    2. Our marriage contract has been authenticated with red ribbon during the time we have our ROM forms and Affidavit of Delayed Registration being notarized at the San Diego honorary consulate. It is not really required to have the marriage certificate be authenticated, but since we are already there – the lawyer assistant have it authenticated as well.
  • If you are planning to file a ROM during the Outreach Program, always check the Phil Consulate jurisdiction website you belong to so you can plan ahead of time.
  • If you are planning to file a ROM by mail, follow the instructions under Procedure and Requirements of filing a ROM such as Notarization of ROM forms to avoid rejection.

Disclaimer: I am no expert on filing a ROM. I wrote this blog based from my own experience. Requirements may vary depending on your jurisdiction. See Consulate Finder Map for your reference.

LIGHTROOM (1 of 1)

At the San Diego Consular Outreach Program

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What age shall I use on filling up ROM Form? It should be your age the time you get married.
  2. What surname shall I use on filling up ROM form? Should be your maiden name or your surname before marrying your US Citizen Fiance. See procedure and Requirement #2 on this link – ROM
  3. What signature can I use for the ROM? Any signature you are currently using now.

16 thoughts on “Report of Marriage – Part II (via Outreach Program)

  1. Hi donna! I just want to ask if you’re also going to do a report of birth for your new baby. I also had a new baby and was thinking if I need to do a report of birth in the embassy of the philippines since I’m still a filipino citizen. Another thing, do you think that would make my new baby a dual citizen? Thank you.


    • Hi Chelsea, thanks for stopping by. That’s a good question. The lady at the outreach program who worked on our ROM papers advised us to do Report of Birth for our baby and a good chance to ask them a question if she can be a dual citizen. They said yes, but I think that’s another process.


  2. Hi Donna!

    Thank you for the blogs for the k-1 process. Your posts have been so helpful for me and my husband especially for the AOS process. 🙂

    I just have a quick question, on the part I of your ROM blog, did they ask for your husband’s birth certificate? I tried asking the consulate via email but they didn’t answer my query thoroughly.

    Thanks in advance! ❤


      • thanks for your blog! just wanted to ask we are planning to do our ROM during the outreach here in SD this coming January. I know we have to send in an ROM application for it, but does it have to be signed and notarized as well for the application?
        And also we have to do an affidavit of delayed registration, can we go to any public notary or does it have to be in their consulate? thanks


      • Hi Lois, Thanks for your kind words. Based from our experience so far, we did notarized are ROM forms since we got rejected from our first ROM application without having that notarized. See this link . Affidavit of Delayed Registarion should be notarized as well. You can do it any notary public near you.


  3. Hello! i stumbled upon your blog and it is very helpful and nice to read 🙂

    I just wanted to ask something basic (and my apologies if this is a silly question) but how is notarization done on the Report of Marriage form? Is it like stamped on the form itself? Or is the notary on a separate page?

    Also, my husband is in the US and I’m still in the Philippines so we cannot sign the ROM Forms together… so can I sign the form here, have it notarized; then send the forms to my husband in the US so that he can sign, and then he’ll have it notarized again for signature?

    Thanks in advance for your help 🙂


    • Hi Ruuusss, thanks for your kind words. It is a notary on a separate page. Hmm for your 2nd question I am not sure. However I suggest that maybe your husband can try to have it notary here in US and sign on behalf of you(?) anyway he can call the notary to seek advise on what is best for your case. TC


  4. I found it’s very helpful to drop by at your blog Ms. Donna. Is it possible to do ROM, ROC and renewal of passport with change of name at the same day of the outreach program?


    • Hi Zoe, thanks for the compliment. You can do ROM and Passport Renewal at the same time during Outreach Program, although you might not be able to change your surname at the passport with your married name coz one of the requirement is to have the completed ROM already, but you can try and see what they can say about it. For The ROC – are you referring to (ROC) Removal of Condition? I think it’s not covered by our Phil. Consulate, it is for USCIS subject matter. Or maybe you are referring to Report of Birth? Let me know if you have more question.


  5. Hi Donna,

    I noticed that you mentioned the notary was on a separate document, did you make it yourself or was it prepared by the person who executed the notary? I was trying to have my ROB notarized but the post won’t notarize it because there was no place on the document for them to put the stamp on and acknowledge the details provided on the form. Can I just prepare a document for them to put their stamp on?

    Thanks in advance.


  6. hi donna .. good day 🙂 thanks for having this blog we learned so much from this ..
    can i ask if you dont mind .. I’ll send my report of marriage through mail, do we still need to go to the outreach program personally after we file our papers ? or can we just wait if they’ll approve or reject it??


    • Hi there! Thanks for your kind words. When you send it thru mail, no need to go to the outreach program. You can wait for their response if accepted or rejected. If you got rejected maybe that’s the only time you can go to outreach.


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