DIY – Granny Square Baby Blanket

Solid Granny Square Baby Blanket

My first Crochet Project! #FeelingAccomplished

3rd trimester of pregnancy for me is really boring! I decided to do a first DIY gift for my baby girl. Why not do a crochet project?!.. I remember back in PI when I was in high school, we did a crochet basic project on our home economics subject. Eeew! but that was long time ago! Need to refresh and be a beginner again.

This Solid Granny Square blanket for beginner is super easy and made me refresh everything and learn some new technique along the way! Of course I did some Youtube researching for the procedure I didn’t know and then write the pattern summary as I learn along the way since they are all came from different videos and in able for me to remember my first project. Here’s the pattern summary.

Terminologies Used:
Sl st – slip stitich
St – stitch
Ch – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
HDC – Half Double Crochet

Yarn Used: Worsted Weight 4 ply
Hook Size: 5.5mm

Baby Blanket Design:
5 Granny Squares per row per column (5 x 5), total of 25 granny squares
Granny Square Color: White
Border per granny square and joining yarn: Pink
Overall Border Color: Gray or Light gray
Finished Blanket Size: 34” x 34”

Project Plan:
I. Make 25 granny squares in white color
II. Join Solid Granny Squares
II.a Border each granny squares with pink using HDC for every gap of stitches
II.b Join 5 granny squares on its sides using SC for every space of each HDCs
II.c Join all rows using SC to create the whole blanket
III. Create a border around the whole blanket using SC and shell.

I. Granny Square Pattern: in White
Basic Solid Granny Square video Tutorial

Ch 4 and Insert hook to first chain, join with a Sl st to form a ring
Ch 5 (Count as a 1 DC and 1st corner space), 3 DC in ring
Ch 2 (for the 2nd corner), 3 DC in a ring,
Ch 2 (for the 3rd corner), 3DC in a ring
Ch 2 (for the 4th corner), 2 DC in a ring
join with a Sl st on top of beginning of 3rd chain.

Ch 3, 2DC in 1st corner space, Ch 2, 2 DC in same corner space, 1 DC in every top of stitches, 2 DC into the next corner,
Ch 2 (for the 2nd corner), 2 DC in same corner space, DC in each of the next stitches, 2 DC in next corner space
Ch 2 (for the 3rd corner), 2 DC in same corner space, DC in each of the next stitches, 2 DC in next corner space,
Ch 2 (for the 4th corner), 2 DC in same corner space, Dc in each of the next stitches and then join with Sl st on top of 3rd chain

Rnd 3 and Rnd 4 – Repeat same principle as Rnd 2.
Note – Each row increases by 4 Double Crochets per side, this is how it looks like in summary
Rnd 1: 3 DCs
Rnd 2: 7 DCs
Rnd 3: 11 DCs
Rnd 4: 15 DCs
…and so on if you wish to continue your granny square

II. Joining Solid Granny Squares
How to Join solid granny square video tutorial

II.a Border for each granny square: (Pink)
Find any gap, insert hook, wrap a yarn (in my case is pink) and tie a knot to secure.
Ch 2 to begin with and HDC straight into the gap of each stitches around granny squares and Sl st on top of second chain of Ch 2 beginning and then lock.

II.b Joining Solid Granny Squares: (Pink)
Place 2 granny squares back to back, Insert hook on corner, wrap a yarn using pink and tie a knot to secure.
Ch 1 and SC all the way along between the spaces of each HDCs in one side of granny square. Attach next granny square to be joined and repeat the same procedure until joined 5 granny squares in one row.
I prefer joining granny squares first to make a row and then join all 5 rows to make the whole blanket.

II.c Joining rows of granny squares: (Pink)
Place row of joined granny squares back to back again, start on corner, wrap a yarn and tie a knot to secure, Ch1 and SC all the throughout. Note 2 SC per corner to hide the gaps.

III. Border of Overall Granny Square Blanket: (Gray)
Begin with any gap of the stitches, Ch 1 and SC all around the blanket and then lock.
For the Shell Border – I prefer making a shell starting on the corner, so I can estimate that every corner has a shell pattern.
~ To start the shell border pattern on the corner → From 2 St away from the corner – Wrap a yarn, tie a knot to secure, Ch 1, skip 2 Stitches and 5 DC on next stitch or at the corner if you wish to start at the corner, *skip 2 st and sc on 3rd st, skip 2 St, 5 DC on next stitch*. Repeat this pattern all the way around. By this time, I become more confident in crocheting, as a technique to make the shell fall into the corner make 2 or 1 skip depending on the space where the shell will fall into the corner.

And there you go! My first Crochet Project!


We basically learn from our failure


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