Having another Medical Examination Form I-693

As part of AOS application here in US, one of the “optional” requirement is the medical examination  (Form I-693) from the civil surgeon accredited by the USCIS.

During our submission of Adjustment of Status and Combo card (EAD/AP) application last Dec 2014 together with my K2 dependent, we DO NOT see a civil surgeon because our Vaccine worksheet from St. Luke’s Philippines is still valid until May 2015.

Again, another medical examination from Civil Surgeon is optional and not required if you meet the conditions below indicated on the Form I-693 instruction.

  • Still within 1 year upon your overseas medical examination.
  • If did not reveal a Class A medical condition.
    • Class A Medical Conditions includes → Communicable disease of public health significance such as active TB , active Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Physical or mental disorder with associated harmful behavior and Drug abuse or addiction.
  • Or you have Class A medical condition but you received a waiver of inadmissibility and complied with its terms and conditions.
  • If the vaccination record was not properly completed.

Form I-693 Medical Instructions Requirement

In our experience, we only seek a civil surgeon on the time our AOS Interview appointment letter arrived which set on May 12, 2015 and our DS-3025 one year validity is on May 26, 2015. Still ok but it’s just so close to 1 year validity. For my peace of mind, we still completed Form I-693 by a Civil Surgeon since it is the no. 1 requirement listed at the AOS Interview Appointment Letter.

My AOS Interview Experience and Removal of Conditional Status Application Slip

 How to obtain Form I-693 Medical Examination from a Civil Surgeon at the cheaper rate?

  1. First is know a Civil Surgeon near your area by typing in your zip code on this USCIS Civil Surgeon Locator.
  2. Call the prospect Civil Surgeon and start inquiring how much is the Medical Examination for Immigration purposes and when is the closest appointment they can give.
    1. TIPS:
      1. Calling the CS near your area will help you choose the cheapest rate of medical examination which ranging from $140-$220. 
      2.  Schedule your appointment with Civil Surgeon ahead of time long before AOS Interview schedule because sometimes it needs further procedure if you have Class A medical condition or positive with TB skin test or sometimes the Civil Surgeon doesn’t have closest appointment date available.
  3. The cheapest rate I got via phone call is $120. Not bad compared to $220, some state offer as low as $35. So calling them ahead of time is important.
  4. We spent 3 days on this procedure; 1st is the physical examination itself such as
    1. Height/Weight Measurement,
    2. Eye and Ear Examination,
    3. Chest Examination through stethoscope,
    4. Checking if there’s past surgery and
    5. TB skin test,
    6. Blood Test (STD Test)
  5. 2nd day is to update my son’s vaccine under his health insurance PCP,
  6. 3rd day is to show our TB skin test which turns out to be negative (If POSITIVE need to do chest X-ray) and Blood Test Result including STD Test, of course my result is negative! And then the overall result is being discussed to us and gave us the sealed Medical Examination Result.
  7. Strict Note: Do not attempt to open the sealed envelope, it should have sign of the doctor and indicates “DO NOT OPEN For USCIS USE ONLY”
  8. Last not but not the least – Don’t forget to bring this during the AOS Interview.

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