What’s in my #BalikbayanBox?

It’s time for #Balikbayanbox again to send some love to our family members in the Philippines.

Balikbayan Box

My Balikbayan Box Items

This is my 3rd Balikbayan box being sent to my family so I’m just a little bit getting used to it although I am still worried sending valuable items like electronics. Here’s my list for this year 2015. Hope I gave you some ideas. 🙂

My Balikbayan Box Items

  • Food Items:
    • The Traditional SPAM! I don’t know why but this is always present.
    • Skippy Peanut Butter
    • Coffee
    • Coffee mate
    • Chocolates
    • Kirkland Pop corns
    • Pork Jerky
    • Kirkland Black Pepper Grinder
  • Non-Food Items:
    • Bath and Body Works Shower Gel, Lotion and Fragrance Mist
    • Caress Soap
    • Dove Go Fresh Deodorant Pack of 6
    • Set of EOS Lip Balm
    • Cosmetics (Revlon Mineral Powder, lipstick and Brow pencil kit)
    • Kirkland Household Disinfecting wipes
    • Hand Held Mini Massager
    • Kirkland Rubber Shoes
    • Classic Book
    • Mighty Bright Book Light (with batteries separated to avoid corrosion)
    • Set of Colored Pilot Pens
    • Set of Chopping Boards and Kitchen Gloves
    • Dresses
    • Towels (to fill the gaps inside balikbayan box)
    • Birthday and Greeting Cards

Tips I learned in packing and sending Balikbayan Box

  1. Buy items on sale – I bought items mostly after Christmas sale.
  2. Buy items in bulk or in pack – some of my items bought at Costco in bulk specially food items.
  3. Be sure to write down all the items inside your Balikbayan box and have a packing list for your self as well so you have the reference just in case it got lost or stolen in cargo shipper’s jurisdiction, which I haven’t experience yet.
  4. Some people have their valuable items in balikbayan box like laptop – but I suggest not to risk it.
  5. Use Durable Shipping Box. I bought mine at Seafood City Filipino Grocery Store.
  6. Use Packing Tape to secure both ends of the Box
  7. Use also packing tape on liquid items such as Shampoo, Fragrance Mist, Lotion, etc. to prevent from spilling.
  8. If there are important/expensive small items like digital camera – pack it very well with cushion or bubble wrap and put in the middle of the balikbayan box.
  9. Pack items in small boxes to avoid shaking inside the balikbayan box. See below photo taken half filled.

    Balikbayan box half filled

    My Balikbayan Box (taken half filled) items are packed in small boxes. The boxes used inside are not the items’ real box. Small boxes was just used to prevent shaking of items inside balikbayan box 😉

  10. Fill the big gaps with towels or clothing instead of bubble wrap to utilize the space.
  11. Fill the small gaps with bubble wrap or cushion.
  12. Write cellphone or land line number under the address so it is easy to contact the recipient.
  13. Choose Reliable Freight Forwarder like Atlas Shippers, Forex world, Forex Cargo and Balikbayanbox-shipping.
  14. Do not ship Balikbayan box in peak season specially Christmas season. It would be best to send them early in August if intended for Christmas or after Christmas and send by the first quarter of the year.
  15. Always ask for the receipt together with the Tracking Number once we pay the shipping and ask if possible what is the Estimated Time of Arrival to the Recipient.
My Balikbayan Box 2015

Balikbayan Box with Address and Cellphone Number written on the Box


2 thoughts on “What’s in my #BalikbayanBox?

  1. Hi Donna, I am planning to send chocolates too. To be speficic Mars Candy Bar Variety Pack and Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates, both from Costco. Hindi po ba natunaw if ipadala sa balikbayan box?
    Your post was very helpful. It is my first time sending a balikbayan box.
    Thank you in advance for your help.


    • Hi Kristine. Thanks for stopping by. I haven’t sent that kind of chocolate in balikbayan box, but one of my friend does and it didn’t melt. I will also send balikbayan box within this month and this time I have two variety packs of chocolate. Just make sure to send your balikbayan box before summer. It will be fine! 🙂


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