Important Links to know in preparing AOS and EAD/AP Combo Card

To all K1 Visa Holder who got married within 90 days upon arrival in the US and applying for AOS and EAD/AP Combo Card, here’s the summary link from USCIS + sample cover letters, sample filled up Form I-485, Form I-765, Form I-131 and Form I-864.

  1. Green Card for a K Nonimmigrant
  2. Form I-94
  3. Always download the latest edition of forms from site and complete it in the computer. See below USCIS reference links.
    • Form I-485 -AOS: On this link, you can find the following:
      • Form I-485 itself
      • Instruction on how to fill it up and
      • FormG-1145 E-notification, don’t forget to fill up this form too so you can be notified through e-mail or text message.
      • Filing Fee Table

        As you notice I didn’t link directly to the forms itself because they revise the forms from time to time, that is why it is always safe to get all the forms from USCIS site given on this article. And if you save it on your personal computer make sure you check the latest version before sending your AOS and EAD/AP Package.

    • Form I-131 – Advance Parole or Application for Travel Document: You can find here:
      • Form I-131,
      • Instruction on how to fill it up
      • The G-1145 E-notification
    • Form I-765 – EAD or Employment Authorization Document: You can find here:
      • Form I-765 itself,
      • Instruction and
      • Again the G-1145 E-notification
    • Form I-864 – Affidavit of Support. You can find here the Form I-864 itself and instructions on how to fill it up.
    • Form G-325A – Biographic Information
  4. Sample AOS Cover Letter
  5. Sample Affidavit of Support Cover Letter
  6. USCIS direct Filing Address
  7. Civil Surgeon Locator. Need another medical examination again if you already pass 1 year upon your medical examination at St. Luke’s Medical Extension Clinic.
  8. MUST READ Useful Articles from USCIS
    1. Tips for Filing Forms with USCIS
    2. Tips for filing a petition
  9. Poverty Guidelines for Affidavit of Support
  10. USCIS Address Change in case you change address in US on the time of AOS Application.
  11. SAMPLE FILLED-UP FORMS on below links.
    1. Note that Form I-485, Form I-131 and Form I-864 should have bar codes. You should able to see the bar codes after you download the forms from uscis site to your computer.
    2. For sample filled-up Form I-485 and Form I-864: assuming 1.) have K2 dependent and 2.) both couple has no past marriages.
    3. Sample filled-up Form I-131: assuming you are 1st time applying for Travel Document.
    4. Sample filled-up Form I-765: assuming you are 1st time applying for Employment Authorization.
    5. For some reason, sample filled-up forms may ONLY be viewed at the computer, not on the smart phones.

Sample Filled-up Form I-485 (AOS)


Sample filled-up Form I-131 (AP)

Sample Filled-up Form I-765

Sample Filled-up Form I-765 (EAD)

Sample Filled-Up Form I-864

Sample Filled-Up Form I-864

Note as of October 2018: This is just a sample filled up forms. USCIS links above these sample filled up forms is already in new revision. Please make sure to read the forms instruction carefully before filling up forms. As time goes by, USCIS may also change the list of requirements, either they add or lessen the requirements. My personal blog is just a sample based on my own experience. Please be responsible in reading USCIS Instructions and Rules in filing AOS. Lastly, don’t forget your signature for every form applications. Thank you…


15 thoughts on “Important Links to know in preparing AOS and EAD/AP Combo Card

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  2. I had my biometrics(oct 7, 2015) and currently waiting. No case status online yet, and my current ead expires by dec, 12th 2015. A lil worried


  3. Hi. This blog has been really helpful since I’ve just finished my AOS process. I have two babies and they are going to join us next year. I’m just wondering if you have any sample forms for K2 that are “follow to join” and will have AOS on a later part.


    • Hi Giselle, thanks for stopping by. I am not sure I understand your question correctly, you mean sample form for K2? Or for AOS? Since I have my K2 with me since the beginning of My K1 Visa process, I’m not really sure about K2 “to follow”. However I think the k2 requirements are just the same with K2 except for Nbi clearance if they are a minor. I will dig more for answers about your question, for now hopefully I helped you.


  4. Hi Donna!
    Thank you so much for taking your time and creating this website. I use it all the time as I am going through the same process.
    I have had my overseas medical examination in November and am applying for the AOS now. So, less that 3 month. I do not have that class-A condition. However, I do not have anything from the overseas doctor, only my international immunization record. Do I need to see a civil surgeon in the US? Or do they have this information from the envelope I brought with me at the POE?
    I appreciate your help!


    • Hi Elena, thanks for your kind words. Hmm I don’t know about International immunization record, maybe you can call USCIS if that is acceptable specially if it’s within a year. Although I think (in my opinion) you probably need to see a civil surgeon.


  5. Hi im Madel, i am a K1 holder ,i just want to ask if my two child which are K2 .needs to apply too in AOS and what are their requirements?and in all my application form for AOS,what name will i going to use,Am i going to write my name when i was single,or my name now that i am married?and where will i send it?can i go to immigration to pass all of my forms in AOS?im sorry,for so many questions..thank you and godbless😊


  6. Hi, I’m Jen, K1 holder i just want to ask, I am currently in process of aos, what shall I put in the portion of K2 at her I-131 A-Number? Shall I put my A-Number since she’s my derivatives?


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